Technology and Unemployment

My New Video, “100% Unemployment,” is now on Vimeo

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My new opinion/documentary video, 100% Unemployment, is now online at Vimeo. This 7-minute video looks at the increasing trend of displacement of workers by robots and smart machines. This trend is also leading to increased income inequality. But some people see the potential for a new renaissance in a world where no one needs to work. Could this be a real possibility? What would need to happen in order to make this a reality?

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  1. Not sure if I’m excited or leery about this future… maybe a little of both. Your video made me think, which is always a good thing!

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  2. Great video Dave! Glad to see these questions being raised about this subject since it’s inevitably in our future. The Zeitgeist Movement is what originally opened my eyes to these ideas, and their community is totally in favor of letting the machines do all the work so we can get to the fun stuff that inspires our creativity (however, they also want to do away with money to hopefully quash income inequality). Hopefully this all plays out well for us humans (assuming we don’t ruin the environment beyond repair first!).

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      Thanks for the feedback, Justin. I’m afraid I’m not familiar with the Zeitgeist Movement. I’ll have to check into it. In any case, the issues are out there and coming faster than most of us expect. Just this week I read that Nevada has licensed the first self-driving big rig to operate on its roads. I’m also interested in how this technology & employment issue intertwines with climate change. The two will certainly influence each other although I haven’t spent much time trying to understand how yet.

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