Trials & Tribulations with onOne Software’s Perfect Photo Suite 6

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UPDATE 1-7-12: See my post Perfect Photo Suite 6.0.2 Update is Usable for news of recent fixes.

I’ve been hoping to write a review of Perfect Photo Suite 6 since before its launch in October. I pre-ordered it in order to save a few bucks and had been watching the daily videos with eager anticipation of the cool new features to come. However, I’ve been disappointed with the product as delivered. I’ve had repeated problems with installation, licensing and use of the product. I’ve been working with onOne Software tech support, trying various things myself, including a clean reinstallation of Windows and all my software. Alas, the problems continue, with the result being a seriously degraded user experience. I’ve been holding off writing about these problems in the hope that all would eventually be fixed but, at this point, I feel like I owe it to you to let you know about these problems.

The problems fall into several categories:

  • Installation & licensing problems
  • Inability to use the application from Photoshop (some features work only in standalone mode)
  • Conflicts with the Wacom Intuos 4 tablet’s mouse
  • Slowness of response by onOne tech support

I’ll address this last one first. I had problems right out of the gate when I first installed the product in October. I searched the onOne support site for clues and I spent several hours trying things to fix things. When nothing I tried helped, I filed a tech support request on the onOne support site. Two business days later I had received no reply, not even an automated acknowledgement of my request so I called onOne. I got a helpful, friendly tech support guy who recommended a variety of procedures. I tried them all, spending more hours of my time in the process. Nothing helped.

Now, this was on an aging Windows 7 installation and Windows is well known for having problems with incompatible DLLs. Such problems tend to get progressively worse as time goes by and more software is installed. To avoid the worst of these problems I typically reinstall Windows and all my software about once a year. As of last month, I figured I was about due for a reinstall. Because of this I was willing to give Perfect Photo Suite 6 the benefit of the doubt.

So, I decided to kill two birds with one stone and I bought a new Kingston HyperX SSD and installed a fresh copy of Win 7 and all my software there. Whoa, that drive is FAST—faster even than I had hoped. Windows is positively snappy. Photoshop CS5.1 loads in 15 seconds. What a pleasant surprise!

Sadly, my problems with Perfect Photo Suite 6 persist on my new installation.

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  1. I just installed PS6 yesterday and when I first opened it as soon as the stylus hit the pad the program closed. I updated the driver for the Wacom and thought it was fixed but now it waits until I touch the layor box, then immediately the progrram closed. Not asking for your help to solve their problem, I just read your post and it sure makes me uncomfortable calling them Monday. Thanks,

    1. Post

      Yes, it’s unsettling when software fails in its most basic functions with hardware that is widely used in this software genre. To be fair to onOne, I have to say that I suspect Wacom is also at least partially to blame. As I mentioned in my post, I’ve had similar problems with other software when using the tablet mouse. Most recently I’ve been experiencing problems with the mouse and Amazon’s Kindle app for the PC. I’m working with Amazon right now to see if there can be a fix. The tech support rep at Amazon told me they’ve received other reports on the problem. I’ve also had similar problems with Acronis TrueImage backup software.

      This is one of two problems I’ve had repeatedly with my Intuos4. The other problem is that the tablet regularly fails to be enabled when Windows starts. In these cases, the tablet is completely non-responsive. The keyboard is active and Windows responds normally to keystrokes. If I log out and back in using the keyboard sometimes the tablet then becomes activated. I can always tell when it’s working or not because the soft-key labels on the tablet are not illuminated when the tablet is failing. Sometimes, I can also work around the problem by unplugging the cable from the tablet and plugging it back in.

      I’ve been using Wacom tablets since the Intuos2 and I’ve always been delighted with their quality. And they’ve only gotten better with each new generation. The Intuos4 brings unprecedented levels of sensitivity and control. In addition, Wacom has good tech support and a good website. But these two software flaws are annoying. I hope Wacom can fix these problems.

      David Salahi

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