My First Video for Camino Real Playhouse

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A couple of weeks ago I posted my first video for Camino Real Playhouse, a community theater in San Juan Capistrano. The video features interviews with some of the cast & crew from the currently running play Professor Mack’s Last Train. The video also includes a few snippets from scenes shot during the dress rehearsal.

The play is a melodrama and, as you can tell from the video, it’s a lot of fun. If you have a chance to see it during this final week of its run I think you’ll agree.

The video is a bit rough, technically, but that’s partly because I had almost no time to prepare for the shoot. I volunteered to do some pro bono work for the playhouse and a few days later I was shooting. As so often happens, it was a learning experience.

A Video for The Diary of Anne Frank

The Professor Mack video was the first of several that I’ll be doing for Camino Real Playhouse. The playhouse is currently preparing a production of The Diary of Anne Frank and I’ll be doing a video for that play next. Last Friday I did some preliminary shooting and this week I will be shooting some interview & rehearsal footage.

Technological Unemployment Video

Before I sign off I wanted to also mention another video I’m working on, a type of piece the N.Y. Times calls an op-doc or opinion-documentary. This other piece is composed entirely of stock photo stills which provide the visuals for a script I’ve written. The subject is the phenomenon of technological unemployment; i.e., unemployment caused by increasingly powerful robots and software.  I’m producing the video using Adobe After Effects and Audition. I’ve finished all the visual work and am now working on the soundtrack. I expect to finish it within the next couple of weeks.

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