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Please let me know how I can help you with any of the following professional services:

  • Photoshop editing
  • Photoshop tutoring
  • Website design, development and maintenance

Photoshop Retouching & Compositing

I use Photoshop in my own work; see some examples on my Products page. I can also provide the following types of services for your photos:

  • simple image adjustments like brightness & contrast and color correction
  • retouching, ranging from minimal to extensive; e.g., removal of distracting elements, smoothing blemishes and wrinkles, replacing backgrounds, etc.
  • compositing (combining two or more photos to create a new image)
  • creating paintings from photos

Photoshop Tutoring

CompTIA CTT+ Certified

I’m a CompTIA CTT+ -certified technical trainer and I love to help people learn about Photoshop. I can create a customized lesson plan to help you quickly acquire the skills you’re looking for. This can be anything from a single lesson to multiple, progressive lessons that build over a period of weeks.

Website Design & Development

I was a software engineer for many years and built websites ranging from the very simple to the very complex. Now, I specialize in creating portfolio websites using WordPress but am also available for creating and customizing other kinds of websites using other technologies. I can also help if you use a service like SquareSpace, SmugMug, or Koken. Here are some ways I can help with your website:

  • Design and build a new website for you
  • Enhance or add pages/photos to your existing website
  • Fix problems on your existing website
  • Prepare your photos to look their best and display quickly

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