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I like to think of this time as a golden age of podcasts as there are many podcasts available on a wide variety of topics. A number of excellent free photography podcasts are available. Here’s a list of my favorites:

  • The Candid Frame with Ibarionex Perello
    This show, which features with notable photographers, is at the top of my favorites list for several reasons. First, host Ibarionex Perello is an outstanding interviewer with a talent for drawing people out. He asks insightful questions that probe beneath the surface and elicit in-depth replies. His guests include the top photographers working today. The interviews tend to focus less on the technical side of things and more on the art, craft and passion of his guests. Ibarionex consistently delivers fascinating portraits of outstanding photographers and does so in a thoughtful, respectful style which is sometimes lacking in discourse today.
  • TheDigitalExperienec

  • The Digital Photo Experience with Rick Sammon and Juan Pons
    This podcast features a mix of interviews with information presented by the hosts. Every episode is packed with interesting and useful information. Rick and Juan often answer questions from listeners.
  • The Digital Story

  • The Digital Story with Derrick Story
    I only recently discovered this one but I’ve been so impressed that I downloaded months of recent podcasts and have been listening to them. I count on Derrick for well-reasoned opinions on the latest developments as well as all the usual photography topics.
  • This Week in Photo

  • This Week in Photography
    This podcast, hosted by the ebullient Frederick Van Johnson, includes a roundtable of contributing photographers. Each episode is packed with good information on the latest developments in the world of photography and technology. The Google hangouts are recorded as video which makes the weekly photo critiques a lot more interesting.

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