Spring Awakening

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Tree and red rock in balance

Spring is in the air and with it comes the reawakening of this blog. I’ve just returned from a four-day workshop with Santa Fe Photography Workshops in New Mexico. My next post will be a trip/workshop write-up but right now I’d just like to mention that I’m working on a redesign of this blog and will be relaunching soon. I’ll have some posts about that process as well as posts on a variety of photo topics.

One of the things I’ll be doing is taking a second look at Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. The folks at Santa Fe Photography Workshops are enthusiastic Lightroom users and, as a result, I’ve been thinking about how I might streamline my workflow with it. If you read my previous post on Lightroom you’ll know that I had some objections to it in the past. But seeing how other photographers are using it in a highly efficient manner has caused me to rethink my position. I’m not sold yet but I’m willing to take a second look at the latest version.

I’ll also be posting a trip write-up of the Composition and Light workshop I did at SFPW along with some suggestions on how to develop a better feel for composition.

Watch for that and lots of other new information along with a more attractive and responsive web design during the coming weeks and months.

CF/SD Card Reader Plugs into iPad Connector

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In my recent video on Photoshop Touch I considered some workflow questions including how to get photos from a camera onto an iPad for editing. Given the iPad’s lack of a USB port this can be inconvenient. Recently, while watching a tutorial on the glessner photography website I learned about a CF/SD card reader that plugs directly into the iPad connector. I haven’t used the device but based on Elizabeth Glessner’s comments it sounds like it solves the problem.

Adobe Creative Cloud for Photographers, Part 3

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I’ve become busier than expected and, as a result, I haven’t been able to fit in the time to do the third episode in this series as a video. Instead, what I’ve done is written it up as a regular blog post so just keep reading to get my final observations and conclusions. (If you missed the videos here are links: part 1 or part 2.)

Photoshop Touch File Format Limitations

If you import a layered PSD file into Photoshop Touch what you get is a merged-down version of the file.  That’s disappointing because in some cases it might be nice to have the flexibility provided by having the image content separated into its various layers. Read More

Dirt Cheap Stylus for Tablets at Amazon

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Three-pack of tablet stylusesI took a flyer on this pack of three styli at Amazon because they were so cheap. I only needed one but a single stylus is typically priced $10 and up. So, I figured, what have I got to lose? As it turns out, nothing! I tried them out with Photoshop Touch on my Motorola Xoom just now and they work great. They make it much easier to make precise selections.

And I’ve got three of them all for a grand total of $1.23. It’s hard to see how they can ship them for that price.

Adobe Creative Cloud for Photographers, Part 2

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In this second of my three-part video series, The Adobe Creative Cloud for Photographers, I look at the impressive array of editing features in Photoshop Touch, Adobe’s tablet-based version of Photoshop, and at improvements in Adobe Bridge and Adobe Camera RAW. I also discuss some of the limitations of the Creative Cloud and workarounds that you need to be aware of.

[jwplayer config=”” file=”https://photoperformance.photos/videos/CreativeCloudForPhotographersPart2.mp4″ image=”https://photoperformance.photos/videos/PhotoshopTouchPoster.jpg”]

If you have problems viewing the video here you can also watch it on YouTube.

If you missed part 1 of this series, you can find it here. You can also find links to several Creative Cloud and Photoshop Touch resources on the part 1 page.

And check back in a couple of weeks for the third installment in this series in which I will cover the various ways of exporting from Photoshop Touch, provide more information on the limitations and quirks of Photoshop Touch and the Creative Cloud, and conclude by examining some big-picture questions that will help you decide if the Creative Cloud is right for you and, if so, how to get the most out of it.

The Jazz Loft Project Exhibit at MOPA

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The Jazz Loft Project

I took in an exhibit of powerful black-and-white photos by W. Eugene Smith this morning at the San Diego Museum of Photographic Arts. The photos in the Jazz Loft Project exhibit are a study in light and dark with most of the photos being quite dark. One of the exhibit’s iconic photos, of saxophonist Zoot Sims, is a portrait reduced to the essentials. Light areas occupy maybe 5% of the frame. Sims’ eye socket is a dark smudge but his intense concentration, along with the delicate curve of his instrument, shine through. Immediately behind Sims, almost lost in the shadows, Read More

Adobe Creative Cloud for Photographers, Part 1

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In this video, the first of a two three-part series, I take a look at Adobe’s Creative Cloud and what it has to offer photographers. In addition to both Photoshop CS6 Extended and Lightroom 4 the Creative Cloud also includes cloud storage with features to simplify the photographer’s workflow and image sharing with clients and colleagues. In part 1 I take a look at how this cloud storage works. In part 2, I show Photoshop Touch running on a tablet and how it integrates with the desktop version of Photoshop and Lightroom. In this series I also give my comments about limitations and things that don’t work so well and ways to get around them. Please check back in a week or two to see part 3.

[jwplayer config=”” file=”https://photoperformance.photos/videos/CreativeCloudForPhotographersPart1.mp4″ image=”https://photoperformance.photos/videos/CCPoster.jpg”]

If you have problems viewing the video here you can also watch it on YouTube:

 Creative Cloud for Photographers, Part I

Watch part 2 of Adobe Creative Cloud for Photographers

Creative Cloud Learning Resources

Getting Started with Creative Cloud

Photoshop Touch Tutorials

Watch Part 2 of this series: Adobe Creative Cloud for Photographers

Photoshop CS6: The Missing Manual

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I’ve been a fan of The Missing Manual series ever since I switched from Windows to a Mac in 2008 and needed a way to get up to speed on the Mac OS quickly. I bought a copy of The Missing Manual for the Mac OS and it did the trick in helping me finding my way around. Alas, it turned out the Mac was not for me, after all. A month later I was back to a PC. In any case, when I saw that there was a Missing Manual for Photoshop CS6 by Lesa Snider I was interested. Read More

Color Calibration of Monitors with the Spyder4 PRO Colorimeter

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Spyder4 PRO ColorimeterEarlier this year I purchased one of the new Spyder4™ PRO color calibration devices from datacolor. The Spyder4 PRO is $169.95 direct from datacolor. datacolor offers three versions of the Spyder4 at different price points depending on your needs. Check out the ELITE, PRO and EXPRESS models to pick the right one for your needs.

Using a device like this is important for any serious photographer and is essential for getting predictable color from prints. Read More