Do You Have Your Surfboard Permit?

David Salahi Exhibits 9 Comments

Did you know that if you wanted to surf Newport Beach in the Summer of Love you needed a surfboard permit? Well, now you know.

Shot at the Mingei Museum in Balboa Park, San Diego.

Comments 9

    1. I would think so , cant be to many of them still around , But ill never sell the board just pass it on to my grand sons.

  1. Yes I remember these ….my Dad was so mad that we had to get these ..I being the youngest of Seven Kids …One Of my brothers and I almost got arrested because my Greek Elimator Permit was placed on the nose not the in the location which was 6” from the fin on bottom of board…and my brother did not have a ID as we were j walking across seashore ave at 36th street going home …by the way I was 8 years old …and now I am 60 …

  2. I have a 1966 surfboard permit on my board. Mine is actually a yellow sticker. Did they change the permit colors yearly?

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