Technology and Unemployment

My New Video, “100% Unemployment,” is now on Vimeo

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My new opinion/documentary video, 100% Unemployment, is now online at Vimeo. This 7-minute video looks at the increasing trend of displacement of workers by robots and smart machines. This trend is also leading to increased income inequality. But some people see the potential for a new renaissance in a world where no one needs to work. Could this be a …

Technology and Unemployment

Trailer for My New Video: 100% Unemployment

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I was pleased last week to finish work on a video on technological unemployment. It’s what the N.Y. Times calls an Op-Doc or opinion documentary. It examines the trend of increasing displacement of workers by technology and the associated income inequality. It also looks at the potential bright side of the trend—abundant cheap goods and services produced by robotics and …

Green Screen Removal from Panasonic Lumix GH4 Footage

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Update Feb. 4, 2015: I noticed some artifacting around my eyeglasses and iPad with the white background in the videos that I initially posted. I went back and fine-tuned the green screen keying and eliminated most of those artifacts. There are still some glints flashing off my eyeglasses. I thought that it might be reflections of the lights but since …