CF/SD Card Reader Plugs into iPad Connector

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In my recent video on Photoshop Touch I considered some workflow questions including how to get photos from a camera onto an iPad for editing. Given the iPad’s lack of a USB port this can be inconvenient. Recently, while watching a tutorial on the glessner photography website I learned about a CF/SD card reader that plugs directly into the iPad connector. I haven’t used the device but based on Elizabeth Glessner’s comments it sounds like it solves the problem.

Dirt Cheap Stylus for Tablets at Amazon

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I took a flyer on this pack of three styli at Amazon because they were so cheap. I only needed one but a single stylus is typically priced $10 and up. So, I figured, what have I got to lose? As it turns out, nothing! I tried them out with Photoshop Touch on my Motorola Xoom just now and they …

Adobe Creative Cloud for Photographers, Part 2

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In this second of my three-part video series, The Adobe Creative Cloud for Photographers, I look at the impressive array of editing features in Photoshop Touch, Adobe’s tablet-based version of Photoshop, and at improvements in Adobe Bridge and Adobe Camera RAW. I also discuss some of the limitations of the Creative Cloud and workarounds that you need to be aware …