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Lightroom/Photoshop Integration Woes, Continued

David Salahi Lightroom, Photoshop Leave a Comment

I’ve just been through another of the masochistic experiences that I seem to impose on myself every time a new version of Lightroom is released. Ever since Lightroom 3 was released I’ve been trying to find a way to incorporate LR into my Photoshop workflow. And every time I’ve tried I’ve ended up throwing in the towel. I’ve previously written …

Photoshop texture

How to Apply Textures to Photos in Photoshop

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In this first of a series of six video tutorials I give an overview of the images that I’ll create using textures. I also demonstrate the process of applying noise non-destructively as a Photoshop Smart Filter to create a stylistic effect on a photo. View the other video tutorials in this series: How to Apply a Texture Image to a …