CF/SD Card Reader Plugs into iPad Connector

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In my recent video on Photoshop Touch I considered some workflow questions including how to get photos from a camera onto an iPad for editing. Given the iPad’s lack of a USB port this can be inconvenient. Recently, while watching a tutorial on the glessner photography website I learned about a CF/SD card reader that plugs directly into the iPad connector. I haven’t used the device but based on Elizabeth Glessner’s comments it sounds like it solves the problem.

Dirt Cheap Stylus for Tablets at Amazon

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I took a flyer on this pack of three styli at Amazon because they were so cheap. I only needed one but a single stylus is typically priced $10 and up. So, I figured, what have I got to lose? As it turns out, nothing! I tried them out with Photoshop Touch on my Motorola Xoom just now and they …

Color Calibration of Monitors with the Spyder4 PRO Colorimeter

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Earlier this year I purchased one of the new Spyder4™ PRO color calibration devices from datacolor. The Spyder4 PRO is $169.95 direct from datacolor. datacolor offers three versions of the Spyder4 at different price points depending on your needs. Check out the ELITE, PRO and EXPRESS models to pick the right one for your needs. Using a device like this …