Glide Gear DEV-1000 Camera Slider

Glide Gear DEV-1000 Camera Slider

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I was looking recently for an inexpensive slider and I settled on the Glide Gear DEV-1000. I had read and watched a number of reviews and the DEV-1000 looked like a decent option. At a price point of only $89 I knew I wasn’t going to get top quality or special features. But, in this case, I was more interested …

Panasonic Lumix GH4 Constant Preview

Lumix GH4 WYSIWIG Mode

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One of the things I like about my Panasonic Lumix GH4 is the fact that the EVF display reflects my settings for ISO, aperture and shutter speed. I like to think of this as WYSIWIG mode (what you see is what you get). There was just one problem—it was only working that way when shooting video. When shooting stills the …

Light stands

Two Light Stands

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I recently bought a pair of light stands, one of which I like a lot, and another that I’m a bit disappointed with. The one I like is the Impact Multiboom Light Stand and Reflector Holder. The other is the Cowboy Studio Top Quality Aluminum Adjustable Light Stand. I have to say that I found the Cowboy stand not to …

Panasonic Lumix GH4 Lens Cap

Indestructible Lumix GH4 Lens Cap

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While on my way down to Dana Point Harbor the other day to meet a couple of friends for coffee I saw a view of the coast in gorgeous light. I quickly pulled off the road and grabbed my camera in hopes of getting a shot. As I jumped out of the car I removed the lens cap and—dropped it …

Green Screen Removal from Panasonic Lumix GH4 Footage

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Update Feb. 4, 2015: I noticed some artifacting around my eyeglasses and iPad with the white background in the videos that I initially posted. I went back and fine-tuned the green screen keying and eliminated most of those artifacts. There are still some glints flashing off my eyeglasses. I thought that it might be reflections of the lights but since …