Panasonic Lumix GH4 Constant Preview

Lumix GH4 WYSIWIG Mode

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One of the things I like about my Panasonic Lumix GH4 is the fact that the EVF display reflects my settings for ISO, aperture and shutter speed. I like to think of this as WYSIWIG mode (what you see is what you get). There was just one problem—it was only working that way when shooting video. When shooting stills the …

choosing transitions while editing video

Style Serves Story

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A common bit of advice to new filmmakers is to eschew dissolves, wipes and other fancy transitions. Instead, experts recommend using the simple jump cut for most purposes. I don’t wish to dispute this advice. I think that, in general, it’s sound advice. Inappropriate or excessive use of elaborate transitions can distract and detract from the story. Still, I think …

audio tracks in Adobe Audition

SmartSound Sonicfire Pro Royalty-Free Music

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Any experienced filmmaker will tell you how important high quality audio is to a film or video. And an important part of the soundtrack is the feeling that music can add. Big budget movies can afford a composer to create a custom soundtrack but most indie filmmakers have to make do with off-the-shelf music. Fortunately, there are some excellent royalty-free …


On Finding Passion

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Passion is elusive. At least, it can be in my experience. I had a grand passion once—it was sailing. One of the things I loved about it was the richness of the experience. I’ve never felt more alive than on the deck of a small sailboat. Another thing I loved was the variety of things to learn. You start, of …

Frame from the video: The Diary of Anne Frank

Videos from The Diary of Anne Frank

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This week I’ve been editing some footage I shot at the Camino Real Playhouse during the previous two weeks. The footage is from rehearsals of their upcoming production of The Diary of Anne Frank. I’ve started a YouTube playlist for the play; the playlist currently contains four short videos. Each of the videos features a theme such as “Irrepressible Anne,” …

Technology and Unemployment

My New Video, “100% Unemployment,” is now on Vimeo

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My new opinion/documentary video, 100% Unemployment, is now online at Vimeo. This 7-minute video looks at the increasing trend of displacement of workers by robots and smart machines. This trend is also leading to increased income inequality. But some people see the potential for a new renaissance in a world where no one needs to work. Could this be a …

Crashed SSD Redux

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For the second time in a month I’ve had an SSD failure. Both times the bad drive was a Kingston 240 GB SSD. The first time  the SSD was completely dead. I returned it to Kingston and received a warranty replacement. With yesterday’s failure the drive was trashed but still functional. I tried booting from my Windows 7 disc and …

Light stands

Two Light Stands

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I recently bought a pair of light stands, one of which I like a lot, and another that I’m a bit disappointed with. The one I like is the Impact Multiboom Light Stand and Reflector Holder. The other is the Cowboy Studio Top Quality Aluminum Adjustable Light Stand. I have to say that I found the Cowboy stand not to …

Technology and Unemployment

Trailer for My New Video: 100% Unemployment

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I was pleased last week to finish work on a video on technological unemployment. It’s what the N.Y. Times calls an Op-Doc or opinion documentary. It examines the trend of increasing displacement of workers by technology and the associated income inequality. It also looks at the potential bright side of the trend—abundant cheap goods and services produced by robotics and …

My First Video for Camino Real Playhouse

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A couple of weeks ago I posted my first video for Camino Real Playhouse, a community theater in San Juan Capistrano. The video features interviews with some of the cast & crew from the currently running play Professor Mack’s Last Train. The video also includes a few snippets from scenes shot during the dress rehearsal. The play is a melodrama …