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Switching from Carbonite to Acronis True Image

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I recently decided to switch from Carbonite to Acronis True Image as my backup solution. I had been using Carbonite for several years and it has saved my system on several occasions. However, as I’ve previously written, I’ve had problems with both its functionality and the user interface. Recently, I upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10 and was hoping …

Carbonite Pros and Cons

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I recently suffered the loss of my Windows system SSD but was able to restore it successfully using Carbonite’s Mirror Image Backup. I wrote about that experience previously in my post Recovering from a Crashed SSD. However, since getting back up and running I’ve had some more experiences with Carbonite, some good and some bad. I was delighted that I …

Failed Kingston SSD

Kingston SSDs Down for the Count

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Earlier this week my PC locked up hard again—another Kingston SSD failure. I’ve written before about my recent problems with Kingston SSDs (read about my first crash; and my second crash). I had hoped such crashes were behind me but, alas, on Monday this week the Kingston SSDNOW 300 that was my Windows system disk died. Like the first failure, …

Crashed SSD Redux

David Salahi PC 1 Comment

For the second time in a month I’ve had an SSD failure. Both times the bad drive was a Kingston 240 GB SSD. The first time  the SSD was completely dead. I returned it to Kingston and received a warranty replacement. With yesterday’s failure the drive was trashed but still functional. I tried booting from my Windows 7 disc and …

Recovering from a Crashed SSD

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I was working in Photoshop recently when my system locked up—hard. I couldn’t even get into Task Manager. I’d had a few such experiences recently so I did what I usually do: shut down with the power button and restart. Except the restart part wasn’t happening this time. After opening the case and unplugging all my other hard drives and …